The kayaking competition for everyone independently of experience and skills . Start of “Do Your Own XXL” will be given along with participants of the 310 km May 4 at. 19:00, but, unlike of 310 km race, participants of “Do Your Own XXL” will be able to choose their favorite distance – 50, 100 or 200 km. It is very simple – when you doing your registering before start, you should declare your chosen distance. If participant fails to do the chosen distance – the participant will be disqualified. If the same distance will be chosen by several participants, the fastest time wins. If a participant after completion his distance feels himself strong enough to continue, participant declares the next goal. For example, if the participant chooses 50 km distance and after finishing it wants to continue, he can declare next distance to 50, 100 or 200 km. If participant continuing with next distance, the recorded result of the fist one will be erased and timekeeping continues until next stop, and so on until participant says – stop, no more km’s. If you want to enjoy kayaking marathons, bet do not know you strength, the “Do Your Own XXL” is just for you! After 200 km participant can prolong his race to 310 km, but result in Do Your Own XXL is canceled.

  • Marathon GAUJA XXL is organized by Vecpiebalgas Airētāju biedrība (Vecpiebalga Kayaking Club).
  • The start for Do Your Own XXL is on May 4 at 19:00.
  • It is allowed to participate with any type of rowing boats or other boats, powered by human muscle power.


K1MEN – men any kind of kayak
C1MEN – men any kind of canoe
K1WOM – Women any kind of kayak
K2MEN – Men any kind of double kayak
K2WOM – Women any kind of double kayak
K2MIX – Men + women any kind of double kayak
C2MEN – Men any kind of a double canoe
C2WOM – Women any kind of a double canoe
C2MIX – Men + women any kind of a double canoe
SPORT – any kayak longer than 5900 mm and narrower than 460 mm
BOAT – any human muscle powered water craft

  • Organizers do not rent boats.
  • Boat rent is provided by GAUJA XXL partners


  • Participant must be a person over 18 years who is aware that his or her physical and mental faculties are strong enough for the following competition format.
  • Registration takes place at


  • By paying the participation fee from until March 30:
    for one person 30 EUR.
  • By paying the participation fee from March 30 until April 15:
    for one person 35 EUR.
  • By paying the participation fee from April 15 until May 3:
    for one person 60 EUR.

    Registration will be closed at May 3.


Receiver:    Vecpiebalgas Airetaju biedriba
Receiving Address:   Lejas Jukani, Liezere, Madona district, Latvia LV-4884
Bank account:   LV89HABA0551029305219
Name and address of the Bank:   Swedbank, Balasta dambis 1a, Riga, LV-1048, Latvia
Total: The amount shown at check-in
Information for reciever: GAUJA XXL 2018, names of participants

  • The fee for a transfer is paid by sender.


  • Race starts at Lejasciems – arrival on May 4 untill 17:30, start is given at 19:00.
  • On arrival, participants will receive a number and all the necessary information.
  • Organizers do not offer transportation of the boats and participants it selves.
  • Participants are recommended to have a support team with a car, which will provide assistance at a distance (only for the food and drink supplies, or to provide dry clothing and medical help) NB! After the finish it is not recommended to be at the wheel for approx. 10 hours.


  • If you want to withdraw, do it at the checkpoint or near a bridge or road, where your support team can access you.
  • If withdrawing, you are obliged to inform organizers about your decision.
  • NB! Organizers do not provide transportation of boats an participants themselves. Use your support team.


  • Organizers will begin tracking the time at start and stop at the finish.
  • Participation number must be visible throughout the race (otherwise the result will not be counted).
  • Results will be announced after the finish and on the Internet.


  • Throughout the race participants MUST be wearing a life jacket, if the participant in any part of competition has been seen without the jacket, he/she will be disqualified.
  • Be careful on rapids (Valmiera), and floating trees, especially at night. We recommend you to use the head lamps or strong lantern affixed to the boat.
  • It is not allowed to shorten the distance in any manner. Violators of this rule will be disqualified.


  • Life jacket
  • Paddle leash or spare paddle
  • Mobile phone with a fully charged battery and the telephone number of organizers recorded, waterproof packed.
  • Drink and food, also for warming
  • Lights (head and / or on the boat)
  • Knife
  • Tools for firing a fire
  • Gas burner
  • Pot
  • Sleeping bag (with the proper temperature index)
  • Sleeping mat
  • Tent or shed (according to predicted air temperature in the coldest part of the day)
  • First aid kit (and personal medications, if any)
  • Spare clothing (waterproof packed)


  • This type of competition requires from participants to be physically and mentally strength and stamina. All participants are fully responsible for their actions during the race and knows that the organizers are not in any way responsible for alleged injuries, health and life, equipment damage or loss suffered by participant.
  • All participants are well aware of risks and this is confirmed by the signature of the starting document.
  • All participants are responsible for their own safety and equipment.


  • First Aid kit includes bandages, plasters, painkillers, etc.
  • Wherever possible, provide assistance to other participants during the race!
  • If someone needs help, remember his/her number, and the location of accident and as soon as possible tell about it to organizers.
  • In case of serious accident call to emergency and/or rescue service by phone 112 and tell about it to the organizers.


  • Winners will be awarded in all boat classes.
  • All participants will receive diplomas.
  • Prize giving will take place immediately after the finish.
  • According to sponsors there would be prize in a raffle between all participants.
  • Lottery will take place at the finish and will be attended by all participants.


Organizer of the Race Didzis Sedlenieks
Phone: +371 29268924

Chief Referee Elza Puķīte
Phone +371  29550846