Due to changes in “Epidemiological safety measures to limit the spread of Covid-19 infection” and sports events are not allowed, the official competition Gauja XXL 2020 is cancelled.
However, we invite you to participate in the VIRTUAL GAUJA XXL 2020 rowing from 17.10.2020. until 31.12.2020.

International kayaking marathon Gauja XXL have history since year 2010, the participants came form Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Great Britain, USA, Finland and Russia. The Gauja XXL is a multi-event complex, which occurs at the same time in late April on river Gauja:

90 km team relay race – 5 section relay race. Each section is about same length as one day tourism route. This is eligible for everybody.

310 km individual race – the longest kayaking marathon in Europe.

420 km team relay – the longest and only one competition of this kind in the world (confirmed by Guinness Book of Records).

Gauja XXL Ultimate – 420 km long adventure and survival race for strongest ones.

International kayaking marathon Gauja XXL offers to check your strength in a unique paddling marathon on one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe. River Gauja is 424 km long; it starts in Vidzeme Upland, flows through intact and scenic places with deep forests, clean meadows with high banks and rocks, next river floats thru Gauja National Park and inflows into the Gulf of Riga. River Gauja valley has remained intact and it is real rarity in whole Europe.

Come and enjoy!