The free virtual rowing “Gauja XXL 2020” takes place on the river Gauja in the river freely chosen by the participant and in the period from 17.10.2020. until 31.12.2020.

There are 2 distances available in the virtual rowing:

  1. Gauja XXL (90 km)
  2. mini Gauja XXL (45 km)

The participant (team) completes the previously selected distance in no more than 3 stages.

The allowed classes of the virtual rowing “Gauja XXL 2020” are:

  • Single kayaks
  • Double kayaks – kayaks
  • Double canoe
  • SUP
  • Other floating structures
  • The participant (team) must register HERE before the first rowing.

The participant (team) sends the selected distance to in the format of .GPX, .TCX or .FIT files, as well as the name of the team and participants mentioned in the application.

In will be published the name of the applied team, the time spent by its participants in the distance, as well as the fixed km reading.

All participants will receive an electronic confirmation of the rowing.

The first 5 participants (teams) of Gauja XXL (90 km) and the first 5 mini Gauja XXL (45 km) participants (teams) who will have rowed along the Gauja will receive special benefits provided by the organizers, which will be handed over in a non-contact place at the previously agreed place and time.

! Participants are asked to observe all possible precautions during rowing on the water, as well as epidemiological precautions to limit the spread of Covid-19 infection going to and from the paddle.

We’d love for you to add the #GaujaXXL and # GaujaXXL2020 to your published social network photos and videos.